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Music I listen to

I like many different types of music.
  • Jazz
  • Blues
  • 70s Rock
  • Rock-a-billy
  • Traditional Country

and, did I say I'm a big Dwight Yoakam fan?

©1994 Frederick Brantley Taylor

I also write Country Music lyrics as a hobby.

Interesting facts about me


I can't remember a time when I didn't love to draw.
When I was a kid, I told everybody, "I'm going to be
an artist when I grow up!"

They thought it was just a phase I was going through.
Well, if it was, it's been one heck of a long phase!

As an adult, I've never done anything else. I was
a working commercial artist, graphic designer
and illustrator for 45 straight years, until I
retired in 2001.

In what little spare time I had, I painted in watercolors and later,
at age 55, I began painting on my computer using Corel Painter
and Adobe Photoshop with a Wacom Tablet.
I found this system was great for
digitally painting
my illustration work.

Now, in retirement, I do "fine art" in Painter and
I've been featured in Corel Painter Magazine.

Last year, I sold a digitally painted illustration to

The Saturday Evening Post

These days, I keep myself busy playing with art
techniques and being active in several online art groups

...and, that's me: Frederick Brantley Taylor.

My Website

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    Hi Fred, how has your week been? do ya feel like a duck yet?!!~~lol~~boy, we've had some rain, haven't we? and it's not over with yet. Huggles AudreyImages
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    Reply from fredbt:

    Yes, it has rained a lot. We were awaken this morning to loud thunder and a lot of rain. We are going to Camak, GA next weekend for "The Old Railroad Days Festival." I'm glad it's not this weekend. Camak is my grandmother's birthplace and I did a digital painting of the old, run-down Camak Store recently. I'll post it at ArtWorks soon.

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    Good morning Fred, looks like the rain is over for a few days, supposed to be a beautiful day today. Good luck with your teeth. Wishing you the best of days!!leprachaunwaysAudrey-vi.gif picture by thunderspa
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    Reply from fredbt:

    Thanks, Audrey. It was a good day. Almost like summer. I was out most of the day getting some things done and soaking up a few "rays." image
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    sorry it has taken me so long to get back with you, been kinda a madhouse around here, everyone has been sick with one thing ot other, how have you been? Did you get your teeth taken care of? It's raining bucketfuls here, I guess it is at your house too huh? Hope you're enjoying your weekend, hope to hear from you soon, take care!! Huggles AudreyImages


    Reply from fredbt:

    Hi, Audrey.

    Yes, it rained all weekend here and is the weather is still quite gloomy today.

    I'm still not sure what will happen with my implanted teeth. The bone around them is shrinking. The orthodontist is working with my dentist to see what they can do to save them. I hope they can. It cost a fortune and two years to get them in. It would be devastating to lose them now.

    Happy St. Patty's Day tomorrow!